Turquoise Howlite Semi Precious Pendant Necklace

Turquoise Howlite Semi Precious Pendant Necklace

Pelli Couture

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This statement necklace is sure to make heads turn! A gorgeous turquoise howlite semi precious stone which is known to have metaphysical properties that strengthen memory and stimulate desire for knowledge. It is also known to teach patience and helps to eliminate rage, pain and stress. A calming stone, Howlite calms communication, facilitates awareness and encourages emotional expression.

This gorgeous pendant with beautiful veining details is surrounded by a silver metal band with silver vale and suspends from brown deerskin leather cords that can be worn long and low or high on the neck as a choker by adjusting the knotted closure.

It’s a versatile piece that can be worn with blue jeans and a crisp white shirt or dress! 

A Pelli Logo charm is attached at the vale and can be worn in front or behind the stone. 

Jewelry is proudly hand crafted in our NY studio.