Jessica Tote Bag System- Demonstration Video


We are always pushing to create bags that provide the very best in quality and craftsmanship so that women wearing them can feel the care we put into designing each piece.


"We know that true beauty comes with feeling confident. No matter what bag you're carrying, its the light within you that brings out your "beautiful". That "light" can't be bought in a store but it drives me to design pieces for women that make them feel radiant." -Susan Pace


"Our handbag systems offer women an unexpected yet welcomed versatility and convenience that ordinary handbags simply can not provide. It's the little details of our patented systems that create BIG results for our customers...saving time and storage space, making travel easier, getting a variety of looks from one bag...This is what our customers appreciate." -Susan Pace


We hear stories from our customers who have been using our tote as a baby bag and are on their second and third child! Connecting with women who've been using our bags for years and are still in love with them is the the most rewarding experience. It reminds us that we are doing something really good...