About Us

Designer, Susan Pace, like most women, is not a stranger to a fast paced, multi-tasking lifestyle as an artist, designer, and attorney working and living in New York. She realized that her handbags just weren't keeping up with her busy lifestyle and found most women she knew felt the same way and, like her, were juggling many tasks in a given day and racing against the clock to get "IT" all accomplished.

Susan recalls, "I was finding myself changing bags at least once, if not more times a day to coordinate with my changing schedule." She adds, "I would go from a day at the office, to a late afternoon at the baseball field and, in the evening, rush to change my bag to compliment the change in my outfit that I was wearing for a dinner out with friends." In her haste to change out items from one bag to another, she would inevitably leave essential personal items behind, like her house key, wallet, sunglasses, cell phone or store receipt.  She found that many other women felt the same or were stuck in a rut only changing their bag seasonally, or not at all, due to the time consuming task of changing items from bag to bag and having to reorganize everything within the new bags compartments.

This frustration prompted the birth of an idea to develop a unique line of bags that offered women the convenience and versatility they needed from their bag without compromising the quality and luxury they deserved.

After much time, development, and research, her company has received several US and international patents to protect infringement of its ideas and the technology used in creating this unique and sought after accessory. In addition to her handbag "systems" Susan also designs and manufactures other silhouettes and custom handbags.  

The designer adds, " I have been blessed by the love and support of my family and friends to pursue my dreams and do what I love...that makes all the difference in my life. Hopefully my bags will make a difference and be enjoyed by many as well."



US Patents Numbers: 7,028,730; 7,607,461;7,789,114,8,156974; China Patent No.:100559988C; HKPatent No:07114180.4; Canada Patent No.:2570857 and other US Patents Pending