Leather Ring

Leather Ring

Pelli Couture

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Our new leather rings are hand cut from larger cowhide leather in a wide array of colors and textures. 

This open ring is adjustable and you can mold it to your finger.

Give it a GOOD squeeze in or pull it out and it will mold to your finger.

This classic style can be stacked with others or worn  by itself. 

Description: Silver metal - White steel plated stainless steel for a long lasting, no tarnish look.

Size of Medium Ring- 19mm inside diameter ( split open back)

 Size of Small Ring: 16mm inside diameter ( split open back)

Care:  Keep jewelry in a cool, dry place, away from humidity to maintain its brightness and shine. 

Tips to keep its luster:

Remove jewelry before swimming or exercising.

Put on jewelry after cosmetics have been absorbed.

Do not spray perfume on jewelry.

Buff  jewelry with a microfiber cloth.