About Our Handbag Systems

When your ordinary bag just isn't keeping up with your busy lifestyle look no further. It is possible to get a bag to work overtime...just like you! We've developed a bag "system" with a patented technology that can let you change the look of your bag without ever changing your bag! Changing the look of your bag has never been easier! Change your cover, not your bag, so you'll never be unorganized or unprepared! Why not add a fringe to your bag if your in the mood!  Our bag systems free up your time and make your life easier so you can use your time for the things that really matter... like living your life to the fullest, having fun, and smiling....a lot because Pelli bags have got you "covered".



US Patents Numbers: 7,028,730; 7,607,461;7,789,114,8,156974; China Patent No.:100559988C; HKPatent No:07114180.4; Canada Patent No.:2570857 and other US Patents Pending